Sending Many Revit Views to many streams

Hello every one, I´m creating with Dynamo many design options and putting them inside specific revits views, now I need to send to speckle each models in each view. There is a way to do it without sending each specific view separately. Previsuly I also tried to do it directly with the dynamo connector but it´s not working.

Hi @Alessandro_Baghin, unfortunately there is no automatic way to do this - yet! I’ll cc @gokermu to keep track of this request.

Don’t hold your breath yet, but this is something we can try adding to our future ui release.


Ok thank you, It would be great to be able to do it through dynamo but actually neither a single wall I´m able to send to a single stream.

Hey Alessandro,

You ran the script and clicked the blue button and nothing happened? Did you receive an error?
Can you tell us more information to help you? What Revit version are you using? What is the version of connectors?

Thank you

Hello Niko, I´m testing with revit 2022.1 with Dynamo 2.12.1 without errors, I´v also tried with revit 2024.2 with Dynamo v.2.19.3, any object are send to spekle. The version of the connector that I´m using is 2.18.14.

@Nikos_Argyros any suggestions ? Is it a version problem?

Hey @Alessandro_Baghin,

sorry for not getting back to you earlier. We managed to reproduce the problem, and it is not version-related; there is a bug. Our connectors team is working to solve this ASAP.

In the meantime, you can send and receive any Revit elements/data using our Revit Connector.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Ok thank you, I found a workaround, I´m exporting all my 3d views in IFC format and uploading them intospeckle stream, the only limitation is that I can uplaod just 5 files at time, but it´s working.

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