Sending from Qgis fail


New user here!
I’m trying to send a data layer with buildings from Qgis with the connector. There is a pop up that says: ‘Converting layer…’ and one that says ‘Sending data’, but nothing is happening. I tried sending selected layers as well as saved layers. Is there e way to see the progress of sending so i know if anything is happening at all?

all help is welcome!

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Hi @Angela, welcome to the community forum!
Could you give a little more details on the error:

  • QGIS version
  • Speckle plugin version (make sure you are using the latest available version)
  • Operation system

Sometimes the process can be just slow, in case you are sending a huge layer, how many features and properties do you have? You can copy some features to a new temporary layer and try sending a small sample. Usually the successful send will look like this (the first button with the possibility to cancel will turn grey once the data reached the server):

Some additional errors, not displayed in pop-ups can be found in the Panel called Log Messages Panel, you can check if any warnings or errors appear there, e.g.:

If none of this helps, feel free to PM me a sample of the data that fails, I can check it for you.