Sending from connectors fails in custom server


I’ve created a private server following the docker instructions. Everything is working well (I can create projects, models, the connectors read the server, etc), but I having a problem sending information to the server. I tried sending some info from Rhino and from Revit and according to the log it’s seems like the error is the same.

Rhino - SpeckleCoreLog20240708.txt (34.3 KB)

Revit - SpeckleCoreLog20240708.txt (20 KB)

What could be the error?

Is there any meaningful error in the Server Log that you could point us to?

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@teocomi Thanks for the response. Where I can find the server log?

Hi @efdiloreto

Assuming you are running via Docker Compose and are using Docker Desktop, you will find instructions on how to retrieve the logs here: Explore the Containers view in Docker Desktop | Docker Docs

You will need to view the logs for the speckle-server container.

Hope this helps,


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Amazing, thanks! Missed that part when I read the docs.

@efdiloreto this looks like your server doesn’t have enough resources. What type of machine are you hosting this on?

I think you are right. IT department created a server with limited resources. Will try to change the server and see what happens.

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Hello again!

I’ve managed to get the log so I’m attaching it here. I think the error is around the line 1021.

One more comment, when I send geometries like points and lines it doesn’t fail. It fails when I try to send a surface (for example one simple Rhino planar surface created from a rectangle) or more complex objects.

Docker log.json (36.5 KB)