Sending Envelope results from GSA to GH possible?


Is it possible to send the results from the envelope analysis case in GSA to GH? If yes, how?


Hi @aveld - if you have an envelope case named C1 , you could try specifying C1max or C1min as a result case to get the specific results you want.

Hi @daviddekoning, thanks for your reply.
I tried, but without good result so far. Here are my analyses cases and the envelope (C4) as they are in GSA. In Speckle, i entered ‘C4max’, but the results didnt get through.


interesting…the Cnmax syntax seems to have dissappeared from GSA. C1p1 and C1p2 should let you get the individual permuations, but you would have to do the enveloping yourself.

We’ll look into this to see if we can make it easier to work with combinations.

Great, i am curious about this update!

Again, it was the Capital/lower case i didnt type well. C4p1 works, instead of C4P1 which is what i had at first sight.

:+1:! yeah, GSA’s a little picky that way

Hi @daviddekoning

It doesn’t look like sending combination cases through SpeckleGSA works for GSA10.1? Don’t get any results being accessed or sent. Have tried various text case combinations (Cnpn, CnPn etc.) and doesn’t seem to work. Analysis cases An I have no issue though

Weird - can you send me the file, server and stream id privately? I’ll take a look

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