Sending Custom User Data Line Problem

Hi Dimitrie,

Rhino 5.
Speckle 1.0.0.

Speckle seems to do not update hash code of the lines when User Data changes.
I did a series of screenshots with examples:
Pic. 1. We create a Point object and User Data “1”. The hash and Geometry Ids created. Data sent successfully.

Pic. 2. We changed User Data to “2”. The hash Id is updated. Geometry Id is the same. Data sent successfully.

Pic. 3. We changed object to line. User Data is “2”. Now the Hash is “2ecbb3ccf2292bee11b35ad09a4ec564” and geometry is “Polyline.f545139cbbb3”. Data sent successfully.

Pic 4. We changed User Data to “3”. But the hash and geometry Id stayed the same. “2ecbb3ccf2292bee11b35ad09a4ec564” and “Polyline.f545139cbbb3”. The User Data has not been updated as well.

Change point coordinates updates line’s hash and geometry.

Thank you and Regards,


The problem seems to associated with objects of type ‘Line’. If you pass your lines through a ‘Curve’ parameter, it should work.


Thank you Andre. Nice workaround.

This is still a bug. Things get really confusing quite fast in grasshopper and user data: for example, if you try and set user data to a point, the component will change it to a GeometryBase derived point, and not a Point3d anymore, because Point3ds don’t have user data.

I suspect the same happens with the polyline - i’ll check now!

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