Sending Blocks with Attributes from AutoCAD to Dynamo

Hi guys,

I have sent some CAD blocks from Autocad and trying to receive their coordinates and attributes in Dynamo. But can’t seem to find its attributes? Am I missing something?

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Hi, could you link your stream or paste the sent block attributes on your Speckle server? Are they missing there as well?

Just a note, the AutoCAD connector currently doesn’t support sending text yet, so your blocks may be empty when you try to send them. A link to your stream would help troubleshoot!

Hi @clrkng,

Added you to the stream.

Link to the original CAD file is here:

Blocks in the layer “A-mahal” are the objects I have sent.

Ah I see! We currently don’t attach autocad attributes to our blocks, but this is something we can easily add. These are attached to the block definition correct? It’s a quick change we can include in our next beta release :slightly_smiling_face:

Made a Github issue if you’d like to track the progress.

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Yes they are. Waiting for the beta release then :vulcan_salute:

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