Sending and receiving Space data from Revit

Hi everyone,

We’re looking at setting up a project with 2 separate models - one for ‘Systems’ (anything physical that directly contributes towards deliverables) and another for ‘Analysis’ (utilising features like spaces to store and record important design information). Normally we’d do this in a single model but the sheer size of the project necessitates a need to break things down.

To demonstrate how we might pass information between the 2 I’m trying to send information from Spaces using Speckle and have 2 issues:

  1. If I use Dynamo to push only the data I need (reference and air flow rate) I’m met with the error below when I try and pull into Dynamo pointed at the second model:


  1. If I use the Revit sender to send the space object and pull using Dynamo I get a SpeckleConversionError (I assume because Spaces aren’t yet supported :man_shrugging:)

Is anyone able to help?



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UPDATE: I’ve partially solved this by breaking the information I need down into lists to feed into Speckle, though this means I lose the relationships between data that I want to preserve

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Yep, currently spaces are not supported. Should be an easy task, similar to how rooms are handled:


Thanks @teocomi . I was going to spend a bit of time looking at this later this week. Is there an easy way to test additions to SpeckleElements prior to raising a merge request?

Yep, you just need to:

  • select SpeckleElements as startup project
  • set start external program to point to your desired Revit version
  • click Debug

There is a build copy action that automatically copies the built dll to the kits folder, keep in mind that it’ll stay there, so if it’s WIP stuff you might need to replace it with a stable one when you are using Speckle Revit.

Lemme know if unclear.

Kudos if you add the instructions above in the readme of the project :wink:

looks like someone has beaten me to it… Add Space ToSpeckle() & ToNative() by dradomtsev · Pull Request #31 · speckleworks/SpeckleElements · GitHub

@teocomi - Is there a way within the repo to see what others are working on? Good to have Spaces in there but a bit annoying to have duplicated efforts

Hey Tom, yes I’ve seen, we’ll review in the next few days!

We weren’t aware of this development, ideally people would open an issue to discuss the changes intended before submitting a PR. :man_shrugging:

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No problem mate. Is commenting open to all? I’ve seen a few issues in the code that I think need addressing

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Of course, please share your comments!

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