Send to specific branch - Dynamo for Civil 3D


I’m using Dynamo for Civil 3D.

I have created a Speckle V2 project, and have create 2 new branches. They are called ‘Piles’ and ‘Ground Model’. Stream link is public and here Speckle

In Dynamo For Civil 3D, I have create 39 cylinder (the piles) and then converted the Dynamo geometry to AutoCAD objects for the piles (and they appear in the C3D model space). and the ground model is 3 basic surfaces which have been created using the geotechnical module from within C3D. These 3 surfaces have been successfully streamed to my Speckle V2 project using the C3D connector.

I’m trying to stream the pile geometry to the Speckle V2 ‘Piles’ branch from Dynamo, and the 3 surfaces to the ‘Ground Model’ branch from C3D.

in Dynamo For C3D, I have successfully loaded in Speckle V2 (by copying and pasting from the Dynamo For Revit sub folder on my C Drive), and can connect to my account and see all my streams and user information.

Can I specify separate branches in Dynamo? Can I do this in the C3D connector?

I’ve tried using the Stream.Details ‘Branch’ output (but filtering for the item) in Dynamo but that doesn’t work.

I’ve also tried to concatenate the hyperlink strings together as I read something about this in the guidance documents about specific branches. I’ve attached my workspace. look in the top right corner for my Speckle V2 blocks.

I’ve tried concatenating the stream URL, with the branches at the end. but I’m having no luck.

Note I have previously been able to send the data to the main branch. but this keeps over writing. i.e. when I send the piles, the ground model disappears and I can only see the piles, and vice versa.
I want to show all the info at the same time, so think separate branches for each set of data is best way to go about this.

Anyone able to help with committing data to specific branches from within Speckle V2 on Dynamo for C3D?

edit:typos and to clarify how I’m streaming the 3 surfaces.

Hi @Joe_Landers !

Our Dynamo Connector is not built for C3D. This is because there is specific information that needs to come from the host application and currently we have only done so for Dynamo for Revit.

I assume you maybe copied the Dynamo for Revit Connector into the C3D Dyanmo folder? If this is the case it won’t work :slight_smile:

Any chance you could achieve what you anted with the Speckle for C3D connector?

@teocomi it already worked for me. I’m perfectly able to stream Dynamo geometry (my pile cylinders) to Speckle V2. The piles streamed perfectly to the main branch. but how do I stream to another branch?

I’ll edit my OP for clarity regarding the 3 surfaces in C3D (which were successfully streamed using the C3D connector)

@teocomi copying from Dynamo for Revit folder, into the C3D Dynamo folder does work.

Hi @Joe_Landers ! It might work, but Speckle won’t be able to get the right units from the document, and this might cause further inconsistencies down the line…

Can you show us the url you are trying to use?

This is how a stream URL should be formatted in Dynamo and Grasshopper to work with specific branches:

Hi Matteo,
Sorry for late reply I meant to reply at the time. Sorry for my confusion and angry sounding message. You are right that it wouldn’t work as connector isn’t built for Dynamo for C3D. Looking forward to when it will be added. Joe