Send from Blender to Grasshopper not displaying

Hi, just installed and testing it
I have succesfully sent a mesh stream from Blender and shows up in Speckle but when i try to receive it into Grasshopper, nothing appears and no errors neither.
Is this supported yet?

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Hi! can you post a screenshot of your grasshopper definition? There might be some object unpacking that @izzylys & @AlanRynne could help you with!

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Indeed think i managed to fix it by adding an Expand Speckle Object. But Is it always required for Blender? I see that for Archicad it doesnt. This is the definition which works.

I can’t seem to reproduce this. Below model was send from Blender and received in Grasshopper.

@Constantinesis, it might help to let us know which version of the plugins (Grasshopper & Blender) you are using if the problem persists!

PS: if the stream is not sensitive, share it with us here so we can debug locally.

@dimitrie I am using plugins version 2.6.0 for Blender and 2.5.2 for Grasshopper

Here is the stream, its just a cube, i am testing.
I tried again and it only shows up when usign the ESO component.

I think i understand what it does. It sends the collection and the selected object as a hierarchy so it needs to further point to the object.
Not sure why in @gokermu sample its just the object alone

In my case i selected the objects and sent them. That might be the reason :man_shrugging:

I did the same, selecting then send. I dont think you can send without selecting?