"Send everything" equivalent in Dynamo

Is it possible to mimic data sent to a stream with the speckle connector in Revit using the Dynamo connector? I’m looking for an equivalent to choosing “everything” in the selection and sending to a stream. In Dynamo I can successfully grab specific elements by family or category, but can’t match the functionality of sending the entire model. I’m most interested in matching the serialization that happens in an interactive data send from Revit.

Hey Ryan,

Not currently, but I’ve seen some 3rd party nodes that allow you to list all categories, and by doing so you could then easily retrieve all model elements.

What’s missing from the Revit Connector thas made you use the Dynamo one instead?

Thanks, I figured that was the case. My ultimate goal is to be able to batch upload several models to Speckle which we can do with Dynamo.

Nice! FYI, we’re also developing internally a prototype of a batch uploader for Revit files - would be great to have you as an early tester when it’s ready! cc @Pavol


That sounds fantastic and I would be happy to test. Thanks Matteo!

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