Send data from Unreal Engine to Speckle

Is there a way to send data from Unreal Engine to Speckle?

I’m attempting to create a parametric road design in Grasshopper that can be viewed in the VR Preview of UE. I’d like the option to adjust certain parameters, such as the road width, directly within UE. This would involve sending the width parameter to Speckle, then to Grasshopper. The model would then recalculate and be sent back to UE.

Not presently, there was a half offer by @eugeneida to look into doing so as a customisation they were working on: Modifying the Unreal Connector (C++) - #7 by Jedd

It is something that we have noted and may work on in the future. The thread linked shows the basics of the architecture you’d need to develop in the meantime.

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