Send components fails in Grasshopper for a few hundred breps


The above is what i can see when it fails.
Im trying to send 393 breps to speckle official server.

Any way I can find out what is wrong?
If I select a few like ~10 breps then it’s fine.

Using connector version 2.12.2

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Hmm, this is interesting. Can you share the source file so we can dig deep into it?

Hi @gokermu ,

May I send you an internalised version of the gh file in private message?
Because it’s a commercial project.

Also, I tried to send the geometries with the internalised version and it failed as well.
Although this time, it took twice as long to fail than last time and I got a slightly different error.
I clicked on Send and left Grasshopper to do its thing while I went to take a break watching some news on youtube.

One thing I would like to add.

Does Speckle have some sort of boundary limits? Like how some 3D programs do not display properly when a geometry is too far from its origin point? The model in Rhino looks ok, but I do not know if speckle has issues processing the same geometry that is perhaps outside of its “boundary limit”?

Yes definitely. Send me a PM.