Select/Filter which changes are relevant in the Version Comparison of different models

Hi Speckle Team!

Future points/wishes for Model Comparison in the Web:

  • When comparing 2 different versions of the same model and while checking which elements were added, deleted or modified would be good if the user could be able to select which information/parameters are important and/or not for this comparison - If changes in the geometry, in a specific parameter such as the material and so forth. Sometimes, can happen that a non-relevant parameter was modified, and this can lead to a misunderstanding from the user side.

  • Would also be really useful if more information could be known about which geometry parameter (lenght, thickness, depth, elevation…) or another parameter did actually change. So, in the end, the user would be able to check right away why is that element yellow/considered as modified.

Looking forward to hear from you! :slight_smile:
Raquel Mirra Santos