Seeking 3D Web Development Guidance and Connections

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. Having had over a decade of experience in AEC technical roles, I am currently embarking on a transition towards a full-stack web development skill set with an specialization on 3D technologies. I’m coming to realize this is a particular niche development area!

Being located in Manchester, UK, I am keen to seek suggestions from the community to help me establish connections and explore potential pathways in this field. Your feedback and insights would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Hi Adrian, brave decision! I think on the technical side, you’ll need to define what the scope of full stack means to you:

  • traditional backend and frontend?
  • full stack AEC?
  • full stack just in 3D?

You can go broad initially and see what you enjoy most. I’m providing a bit of a cautious answer, as just web graphics, or graphics in general is a whole universe in and of itself. Or I’ve added “full stack AEC” separately, as “full stack” can be served (partially) just by python, which is relevant in AEC and… Blender. Or full stack JS/TS - another universe!

You could also look at what digital dev companies within AEC are looking for, eg. Willow - Senior Software Engineer from our friends at Willow, and pick up the “stack” from there, and work through building experience in those technologies.


Hi Dimitrie,

Thank you for sharing your insights. As I’m primarily focused on AEC, I’m hopeful that my proficiency in Python will serve me well. I’m also curious about Blender’s role within the AEC stack? I will check out Willow to gain a better understanding of the current technologies and skills in demand.

Thank you for your support and guidance; it’s greatly appreciated.

Best regards,