Seeing "Discoverable" projects

Hi Speckle Team, me again (sorry)

This time i’m interested in “discoverable” projects. For example I have a project on our server setup with the access as “discoverable”. I did previously have “guest mode” enabled but I’ve toggled that off now.

If I login as a general test user I can’t see any projects at all on the dashboard or find any with the search function.

I have server version 2.18.14 running currently.

Have I missed something? Any help appreciated. We would ideally like our team to be able to see any projects set as discoverable on their dashboards.


Hey James, this should answer your question:

In short, the setting is there, but the actual public visibility of projects has not been fully implemented yet - sorry for the confusion!

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Thanks @teocomi and sorry I didn’t find that previous dicussion before asking the question. I did have a look!

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