Schema Builder component unable to set baseline

Dear all,

I’m trying to use the speckle schema builder to prepare geometry in grasshopper and use speckle to send this to Revit.
Withing the organisation we have used this multiple times before, however i’m one of the only one with the following error:

Whenever i create a schema builder component for a beam, wall or floor and provide a base line or base curve, the GH component turns red and gives an error.
However if the schema builder is set to column it works fine.
See images below:

I’m using Rhino 6SRv28, with the latest GH version.
Speckle is the version 1.8.31.

Has anyone else experienced this?
I’ve restarted my computer, started from scratch with the components and created a new stream all without any luck.


Hey Tijl, one quick check: was this working before with the previous/older version?

Hi Dimitrie, on my machine this has never worked, nor tested with a previous version.
On my colleagues computers this works with the same / current versions.


Hi @TijlU! I checked, and as you said, it works fine for me…

I’ve checked, some errors do happen - as when you’re setting a polyline for a column (it really needs to be a line, same for beam but that doesn’t fail though it should!).

Anyway, that aside, there might be a conflict with some of your installed plugins. Can you try removing everything besides speckle and seeing if that works? Otherwise I’m a bit at a loss as to what’s happening there. Is anyone else inside your company that can help you debug this real-time?

Could you maybe send us sample rhino/gh file to try reproduce the issue?

Hi Teocomi,

There is really nothing special that i’m trying to do:

How can i send you the file? although there is really nothing to it.
I’ve removed all the pugins i the special folder but that hasn’t helped either unfortunately.


You never know about the file! Send that one over at hello at speckle dot systems, together with a screenshot of your kits folder (somewhere around %appdata%/speckle - i keep forgetting the exact place). I have a suspicion there might be some conflicts in the conversion routines, and core 1.0 freaks out.

Hey @TijlU,

I’ve tried the definition you sent us, but it almost seems you’re on another version of Speckle. Could you please try to:

Let us know if that changes anything!

Hi Teocomi,

I’ve tried looking for that folder, it’s at a slightly different location. I deleted it and reinstalled speckle. That didn’t work :-s.
Additionally I did uninstall speckle through the app manager and reinstalled speckle (latest link as per your email) unfortunately that didn’t work either…

Still the same error… A column schema builder works, however the beam schema builder turns red!


Hi @TijlU! Both me and Matteo tried this out extensively, and we can’t really understand what’s going on. Since nobody else has reported this, and as you say that it’s happening only on your computer, we’d need to schedule an in person debug session - we don’t have the time to do so at the moment.

Unless there’s someone else here that’s can shed some light, we’ll have to stop looking into this. Maybe your colleagues at RHDV can help out? I’ll ping the usual suspects @dirksliepenbeek, @MdeLeur & @pieter :slight_smile: (sorry for the spam!).

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Hi @dimitrie 4 people in our company now experience this problem, until now we didn’t have any luck figuring out what the problem could be. Do you have some time for an in person debug session?

Hi Jeroen, ouch. This doesn’t sound too nice. We unfortunately don’t have the time right now to do free support for 1.0; we’d be happy to look at service contract if you’d want to cover this - just get in touch with us at hello [at] Otherwise, we’ll keep pushing on 2.0 :sunglasses:

Hi Dimitrie, thank you, yes it makes sense you focus on 2.0 now!

I think I found a “solution” for the issue. It worked for another colleague as well.

  1. Start the Rhino Speckle plugin and make a stream (maybe the creation of a stream is not needed?)
  2. Start Grasshopper
  3. Tada! Speckle Grasshopper appears to be working nicely again
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Thanks for reporting back a solution! Not sure what’s going on there, anyways, the 2.0 schema builder is going to be 10x better :smiley:

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