SAP2000 'Error 429'

I get this error message when trying to open the SpeckleConnector in SAP2000 v. 22.1.0.

‘Unable to complete operation Tool2’!
Error 429
Cannot create ActiveX component.
Please, save file under a different name.’

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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Hello @AndreasBak !

Welcome to the Speckle community forum :wave:

Can you please start with trying to saving the file first/opening a non-empty file , and then start the Speckle Plugin ? Not sure if this will fix the problem. I haven’t seen this error before unfortunately :frowning: might need a bit more information about your computer and to go through a 1-1 debugging session if possible.

Thanks for testing the SAP2000 alpha connector and being patient with it’s development :slight_smile:

Hi @Reynold_Chan,

Thanks for the welcome. I have to say that I’m quite thrilled with the prospect of Speckle as an interoperability tool and I hope that your great work will continue.

The error persists with both and empty file and a non-empty saved file.

I have found the following description of the error in the CSI documentation:

Resolving Run-time error ‘429’ for API

However, the fix that they provide seems to be applicable to older versions of SAP2000.

Let me know if you need any further information from me or as you suggest want to set up a 1-1 debugging session.

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Hi @AndreasBak ,

I managed to get my hands on a version of SAP2000 v22 and tested Speckle in there. It seems that the problem might pertain to your machine only as I wasn’t able to reproduce it. I will note that I am using SAP2000 v22.2.1 . if you like we can set up a debug call. I might suggest reinstalling SAP with an updated version if possible ? if you need to use v22 perhaps getting a clean install from CSI will help. Hope that helps :slight_smile: let me know if you run into any other problems .


I have the same exact error.

Does speckle not work with SAP2000 v21.1.0?

For reference I was able to get Rhino and ETABs connectors working flawlessly for a quick test

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