Hey Matteo! I’ve been having some trouble running the t4 command on the file, giving the following error:

It seems to be related to Serilog dependencies, so I’m not sure how can I resolve the underlying issue. I ran into this using a local clone of your main branch (I’m also experiencing the same issue with the Arup fork).

Has anyone from your team experienced this? If so, was there a workaround to produce a new SchemaBuilderGen.cs?


Hey Dan,

The T4 generation has been, indeed a bit of a hit and miss. Try deleting the obj and bin folders of all projects in the solution and do a full rebuild…
@AlanRynne might have other tricks under his sleeve.

OK if we make this a public thread?

I’ll try to reproduce this on my end sometime this week and get back to you with some answers :wink:

But I seem to remember there was more to the command than just running the t4 tool with the tt file referenced (some extra arguments…)

@teocomi running into the same issue unfortunately. Thanks @AlanRynne, please let me know if you’re not able to recreate or find a workaround!

PS. happy to make this public if it helps with others experiencing the issue!

FYI @AlanRynne I did also try running the command with extra cmdline arguments (similar as set up in ConnectorGrasshopper csprojs) but encountered the same issue

Also, just noticed the error seems the same as: Issue with receiving stream in .NET Framework - #4 by Jedd

@d.naughton on which commit are you running this?

@teocomi I’m running it based on the latest commit on main from yesterday (6a338ab)