Run Speckle on AWS ECS

I am using the docker compose/ECS integration to deploy Speckle server to AWS ECS. While I am able to deploy all services, I got an error stating “send() failed (111: Connection refused) while resolving, resolver:” when opening the UI. It appears that ECS doesn’t have the DNS server required by this line in the frontend nginx config.

Has anyone had experience deploying Speckle Server to AWS ECS?

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Hi @luncheung, and welcome to the forum! (feel free to introduce yourself if you want to, and your pet too - that thread is quite fun!).

We haven’t personally deployed speckle on AWS yet, but I’m pinging @cristi who’s got this stuff under his belt. It should be something we can support easily…

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We didn’t look into ECS deployments yet, but they should be easy to support.
I created a ticket so that we’ll also write documentation around it with simple instructions. We might have to rework the frontend nginx as well (it was made with docker-compose in mind)

In the meantime, you can run the server in a VM with docker-compose (and then just switch to ECS when we test and document it, by using the same postgres db), or if you want to go deeper into this yourself, you can try mounting another nginx config in the frontend container, that works with ECS (maybe just dropping the resolver line will work?)

Here’s the ticket if you want to follow it:

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Hi @cristi, you are correct that I am able to run the docker compose directly in EC2. It looks like ECS doesn’t provide a way to resolve the DNS name.

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