Rooms schedule filter doesn't sent anything

In the Revit connector, trying to send Rooms to Speckle using the “View” selection filter → Room schedule. The Send fails with a “There are zero objects to send. Please use a filter or set some via selection.” warning.

Using another kind of schedule, such as a door schedule, seems to work. So does selecting the rooms in the schedule, then using the Speckle “Add Selection” option. So I don’t know why using the “View” selection filter doesn’t?

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Hey Erica, welcome to these parts, feel free to introduce yourself 🙆 if you’d like!

I feel like this is because of how Revit handles rooms, we’ll do some quick checks internally and will get back to you soon. In the meantime, you should be able to send them from a 2D view selecting Rooms as a category filter.

BTW in the future, we’re planning to allow for more advanced filter combinations (eg category and view combinations).

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Hi @erica.brett this has just been fixed and a new release should come out in ~1 week.
If you’d like to have it sooner, just let me know and we can make a beta release!

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Awesome thank you! I can wait a week for the release.

Actually, Alan just pushed a new Revit beta version (2.2.10) out recently which includes this fix, you can go ahead and grab it!

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Hi @teocomi,

Same problem here. I am using 2.2.10.

Hey @gokermu , realized I applied the fix only to the “New UI”!
If you give that a go it should work, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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