Room area value in material quantities

Hello guys,

As engineers we usually have not that much to work with rooms. In my lecture yesterday and while creating a PowerBI room dashboard we found an issue with the quantities.

In PowerBI we first used material quantities/area and those values were insanely high. After taking a look at the room element in the viewer, we went for the area parameter on the top level of the query window. Both parameters exist and should be either identical or unified to one parameter.

In case you want to have examples I can invite you to the project and send you the dashboard to be able to have a quick check.


Hey Alex,

This is very interesting to hear. Can you please add me to the Speckle Project?

Hey Bilal,
you are invited :slight_smile:

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Hey Alex,

I checked the model but couldn’t see what the problem is. I see the area parameter both in the top level and under the parameters object are the same. It also aligns with the value in materialQuantities.

Thanks for taking a look Bilal. We did not verify the units on the PowerBI side, I just assumed it … should have double-checked this as well, before addressing you.
Sorry for keeping you busy unnecessarily for this.

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No problem @AlexHofbeck. It was good to double-check that we are sending the correct quantities.