Rhino to Revit with Speckle Mapper

Hi Speckle!

We are working right now on streaming geometry from Rhino to Revit using Speckle Mapper tool and have encountered a few limitations:

  1. Limited mappings support. We can’t assign walls and floors categories from brep objects. I understand that breps can be complex and this might be why this is not allowed, but perhaps perpendicular geometry could be supported? There is also a problem with extrusions which should be supported for walls, but seems to only work with surfaces.

  2. Host option. I can’t find a solution for inserting windows. Neither from Speckle Mapper nor with Grasshopper components. Is there a way to specify the host for window families?

  3. Floors Base Level. It would be ideal if we didn’t have to specify a level for each floor. If it were possible to specify the location of the Rhino Plane that corresponds to Level 0 in Revit (WorldXY by default or CPlane), the geometry could be assigned to the nearest level without having to do it manually.
    If a slab was not on any level, then it could be assigned to the nearest Level while keeping the offset from it (which I don’t think is currently supported either with grasshopper plugin).

Also, what we can expected in the Beta version of Speckle Mapper? :blush:


Hi @Dagr ,

Welcome to the Speckle! Feel free to Introduce Yourself if you feel like it🖖!

Let’s go one by one:

We support conversion of surfaces and extrusions to walls. Converting 3D Breps with volume (not brep surfaces) into native Revit Walls is a complex task that we are trying to ignore at this stage. But still, you can convert the breps into Revit DirectShapes with categories. They will have show up under the walls category using Rhino geometry. I covered that in this video.

That is currently not possible with the Mapper for Rhino. But you can achieve this using Grasshopper nodes. Host Element (Floor, Wall etc.) nodes in GH have an elements input. You can connect windows, doors etc. as an input there.

Yes, we are aware of this. We will add this in the coming releases.

Much better UI/UX, creating families, adding parameters… Question is, what do you want to see?


Thanks for the quick reply!

I’ll definitely be back with a list in the future :slight_smile: