Rhino to Revit stream arrived rotated

Hi folks,

I’m just getting to know Speckle and love what I see so far. I’m carrying out some basic tests, streaming geometry from Rhino 7 to Revit 2021. I’m also trying out some of the Speckle Rhino BIM features (which are really cool :raised_hands:).

My issue is that the stream appears rotated in Revit 2021. I streamed the Rhino geometry into a Revit project which has a different Project North and True North established in Revit. The funny thing is that the stream isn’t aligned orthogonally to either.

Has this been as issue for others?

I then tested the stream in another Revit project (one where the True North and Project North are the same), and the geometry appeared with the correct rotation.

Any help appreciated, :grinning:


Hi @Cillian_Warfield, welcome to the community and I’m glad you’re trying out Rhino BIM!

Geometry sent from Rhino ~should~ be aligned to Revit’s project base point, where the Y-axis corresponds to project north. Any chance you can pass us the Revit file you are working with, even if it’s just an empty one with your current project base and survey point set?

Using the Revit sample arch project, which has a project base point with a translation and rotation set, this it what the Rhino → Revit interop should look like after sending a project-aligned floor surface:

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Here’s a link to download the Revit project:

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and here’s the link to the Speckle Stream : Speckle

I just tested this with the Revit sample arch project too and the geometry from the same stream arrived in a different location and rotation. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for a super helpful debug session @Cillian_Warfield! :ok_hand:

Discovered that this rotation was due to our base point referencing the project internal origin rather than the survey point, so we should have this bug fixed by the next release. This issue is being tracked here, and most likely we’ll update our docs and tutorials in the near future as well to explain how Speckle handles Revit base points!

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