Rhino to Blender workflow


I have UV unwrapped a model of a chair in rhino and applied a wood texture to my model. Everything looks correct in rhino regarding the unwrapping and texturing. I then converted my nurbs model to a mesh in rhino and sent that model via Speckle to Blender. The model comes through but the mapping seems to be gone. Is there a way of keeping the UV unwrapped texture? When I have worked between rhino and blender before I have exported my UV unwrapped models as fbx and that is working fine, the mapping and texture is kept.

Would be greatful for any help.

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Hi @Johan_Ansander ,

Good point. I believe we are not sending any UV Mappings from Rhino. I’ll check with the team and if that’s the case, we’ll try to include it in the coming release. (2.17)

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