Rhino to Blender Material Issue

Hi! We are trying to render our Rhino models in Blender. Speckle offers the best connection between both softwares imo. But we are having problems with materials. After we send our model from Rhino, we do the texturing part in Blender but when we send it again from Rhino all the textures that are assigned in Blender are gone. So is there anyway to keep the materials assigned while receiving models from Rhino?

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Hey @m4dxt, thanks for flagging this up! Texture support is actually something we’re looking into prioritising rather soon (cc @Jedd from our team!).

There’s some gotchas in the way we’ll need to handle this - we will actually need to write files to disk if i’m not mistaken, as this is usually how they work, but we’ll figure it out!

To understand the scale of the files and textures you’re working with, would you be willing to share a sample file with us?

Thank you for your support! Actually what i am looking for is actually the opposite. Texturing in rhino is quite poor compared to Blender. So i only need to be able to sync my model without any information related to textures. Otherwise my textures assigned in Blender are getting overwritten by Rhino during sync process. So i have to re-assign everything. 3dsmax has an option named “keep 3dsmax parameters and materials during reload” for FBX and DWG sync. Something like that would be amazing. I have sent my file to you via direct message.

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Nice, thanks for the clarification and sample file! We’ll look into supporting this, as it makes total sense. As a rough timeline, @izzylys - the blender queen - is quite swamped already, and is going to be away for the rest of May. We’ll have more news in June!