Rhino sending process doesn't progress

I have 1000+ Rhino build objects, relatively small scale (on less than one square meters) that need to be placed in Blender. The sending process doesn’t progress after less than one minute.

Aso, do I need a Grasshopper build geometry to transfer from Rhino to Blender?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @TurtleO and welcome to our community!

Is the problem with the progress bar, or are the objects not being sent at all?
Could you share a sample file so we can check on our end?

In general Grasshopper is not needed to send from Rhino, but you can use it if you need more control.

And feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

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Hi @teocomi thank you for your answer!
I think I found the problem, it had nothing to do with Speckle, just that Rhino7 seems to create enormous files. When changing to my old Rhino5 license, file size was 10 times smaller immediately.

Oh wow, thanks for reporting back! Maybe there’s s hidden setting somewhere to control that, I’ll check with the team if anyone knows anything :slight_smile: