Rhino Named Views Not Translating to Blender


I am having an issue with Named Views not translating from my Rhino model into Blender.

Blender 3.5 and Rhino Rhino 7.29

My connector versions are Rhino 2.12.2 and Blender 2.12.2

I did not have luck with the 2.13 versions of the connectors either.

This is the stream I am working with. Commit | Speckle

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You’ve come at a good time!
This is a feature we’ve been working on right now, :grin:

I’ve just pushed 2.15.0-alpha of the Blender connector for you to try, which adds support for sending and receiving perspective views.

Although, don’t expect it to capture any of Blender’s camera properties like FOV, Lens shift, Crop etc… Just basic support at the minute.

We aim to deliver some more exciting view/camera related improvements over the next few releases that would make the above possible, and help ensure that camera & views look more consistent between apps.

You can install 2.15.0-alpha from the Versions tab in Manager, you may need to check the “pre-releases” box to see it.

Please give it a try, I’d recommend pairing it with our latest (2.14) version of the rhino connector also.
and let us know if there are any other features you’d like us to work on!


That worked!

Wow, can’t thank you enough. Amazing level of support. Much appreciated.

Thanks for the super quick response Jedd.