Rhino Inside Revit - Speckle Error

Hey guys,

I have started seeing the below error when I start Rhino inside Revit for the last couple of days. I think I’ve started seeing this after I installed the latest Revit connector from the this post👇. Not sure though.


Oh no! Thanks for the heads up, we’ll check it out!
Just to confirm, are you on 2.4.0 or one of the latest betas?

I am on 2.4.0.

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the error is still appearing for 2.5.2 (when launching Rhino Inside) and the speckle nodes in Grasshopper in Rhino Inside don’t work.

node error message:

  1. Solution exception:Could not load type ‘Speckle.Core.Logging.Tracker’ from assembly ‘SpeckleCore2, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

I am at 2.8.2. for the Grasshopper Connector and I am also getting the Error. Any news on this topic?

Hi @Joelmick,

We’re currently testing the 2.9 release, could you try installing the 2.9-beta3 release to see if the issue persists there?

Meanwhile, do you have any other connectors installed? And if so, are they all the same version?

Thanks in advance!

FYI, we’re still fixing some bugs in this release, so don’t consider it fully stable, some things may break :man_bowing:t3: if you find anything that is not working as expected do let us know :raised_hands:t2:

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Right now I am running the following Connectors:

Revit 2.8.0
Dynamo 2.8.0
Grasshopper 2.8.2
Rhino 2.8.2

These are all the latest stable connectors I think.
I’ll try the 2.9 Beta


Great thanks!

Does the Rhino issue persist if you only install the Rhino connector?

Sorry for having you poking around :pray:t3:

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I am still getting this error when Starting Rhino Inside.

I Installed Both the Rhino Connector on the Beta and the Grasshopper Connector

What about Revit connector? Since you are running Rhino inside Revit, its version should also align.

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Good one

Ill check that too right now

This doesn’t work. When I install the Rhino Connector, the Grasshopper Connector will also be installed…

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Rhino and Grasshopper connectors are bundled. So when you install one, it installs both.

Can you make sure Rhino and Revit connector versions are aligned?


We recently implemented a fix for RhinoInside error. Hopefully upgrading your connector should fix it.

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I Removed the Dynamo Connector and Aligned the Versions.

I am trying this in Revit 2020 because of project reasons.

I am still getting the error on startup, but When running Rhino Inside the Speckle components do show up in the ribbon and I can send things to the streams.

So right now it seems fixed, but the error still shows up?

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Nevermind, My Rhino Inside is frozen right now… this started to happen after placing the speckle components

For now I have what I need, So thanks!

Error you see is related to Rhino connector. Grasshopper nodes should work fine even if you get the error afaik (please correct me @AlanRynne if im wrong).

Hmm, i didn’t try it in Revit 2020. I’ll install and see if i can reproduce it. Thanks for reporting.

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Hey @Joelmick, sorry for the hiccups!

FYI, the Speckle connector is disabled on purpose when Rhino is launched inside Revit; if you get an error message again, could you please click on details and take a screenshot?


Here you go. This is what I get for the details

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Thanks! I think I’ve managed to pinpoint this:

  • Rhino is registering new plugins the first time it is launched
  • the Speckle Connector for Rhino is disabled when run inside Revit
  • you were most likely installing the connector for Rhino for the first time and then launching Rhino.Inside.Revit

To solve get rid of the error message, just try launching Rhino on its own and let the plugin register, then launching it inside Revit should no longer be a problem!

We’ll look at what we can do on our end to prevent it!


I just tried this with a fresh installation and it seems to work.