Rhino&Grasshopper to Sketchup

Hello, Speckle and Speckle Users!

I’m a newbie here, and testing the interoperabilities between Sketch Up and Rhino & Grasshopper.

  1. Moving from Sketch Up to Rhino, the Component from Sketch Up seems to move to Rhino as Block,
    but is there a way to make the Groups in Sketch Up move to Rhino as groups?

  2. Moving from Rhino to Sketch Up, the blocks in Rhino seems to go seamlessly to Sketch Up blocks, but the groups from Rhino doesn’t seem to work properly. Also, if i make boxes in rhino and export to sketch up, the edges are made as hidden geometry. Would it be possible to make it as visible lines?

Thank you so much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @164,

Welcome to the community!

I need to explain first the difference meaning of “Grouping” in Rhino and SketchUp.

In Rhino, creating a group doesn’t create a geometrical relationship (local/global transformation) between objects it is just a selection helper. That’s why you can’t double-click and isolate group objects which you can do with Block.

In SketchUp, creating a group from selection creates a parent Group and Definition object to collect selections into them. That’s why you can double-click and isolate objects into Groups.

This is a normal confusion because Rhino and SketchUp call Grouping to different behaviors. So we shouldn’t expect them will act the same.

Having a box with soften edges was intentional. You can easily convert it to hard edges as below by using the Selection Toys extension to select soft edges as I used. Or you can explode the box in Rhino and send it to SketchUp as separated meshes for each face of it.