Rhino Error, The graphql request failed without a graphql response

Hi friends
I have a problem in Rhino when I try to make a server to send my files to Revit
It has an error message
“The graphql request failed without a graphql response”

Thanks for helping

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The error seems due to firewall/vpn issues, can you send us your logs in %appdata%/Speckle/Logs?

Also make sure to unblock these URLS:

Thanks for your response, I introduce myself :star_struck:.
I have speckle in Revit2024 and It is correct but It does not work correctly in Rhino7.
I turned off the firewall from Windows 11 security and now, Rhino makes stream correctly.

I don’t know that for each time in Rhino,
Do I have to turn it off?


You may need to whitelist certain addresses/ports as described in the readme rather than turn off the firewall wholesale.

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Logs please! :slight_smile:

Just copy-past the above in windows explorer and it’ll take you to the right folder.

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LOG.rar (121.7 KB)

Thanks, :sunglasses:

Thanks, Yes I should add the addresses to my firewall.

Thanks! I can see some requests are failing but others work, can you try sending a very small model? Or just some geometry?

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You’re welcome,
Yes, I sent a sample model of Rhino, Of course, I converted an .IGS to Rhino for importing in Revit.

A plate-c-ibox-basin.3dm (8.1 MB)
6703-94-80CP_style.SLDPRT (1.2 MB)
6777-AD-80CP_style.igs (198.0 KB)

Hi, I´m having the same problem, and it appers the text, because I dont know if the size of the model making the error how I can
How I can do that? What file are you talking about?

Welcome to Speckle @josephEx , any help you can give us to diagnose your problem is golden.

We can start with some Logs output: Rhino Error, The graphql request failed without a graphql response - #5 by teocomi

But more generally, as we’ve asked above, any insight into the environment in which you are running Rhino and Speckle is useful, such as a VPN, behind firewalls, corporate IT network, etc.

SpeckleCoreLog20240518_003.txt (836 Bytes)
SpeckleCoreLog20240518_004.txt (5.8 KB)
SpeckleCoreLog20240519.txt (418 Bytes)
SpeckleCoreLog20240518_001.txt (142.4 KB)
SpeckleCoreLog20240518_002.txt (47.1 KB)

Thanks @jonathon, the main problem is that i try to export a big file from rhino to blender and aparently is no workind when I wanto to send from rhino to Speckle but if I tryit with revit works awesome