Rhino crashing from send/receive


I have Speckle connector 2.7.5, but this issue is present since a very long time, although the severity changes from file to file. When sending or receiving data, Rhino has a tendency to crush. In some files it happens just once or twice a day, but I have a file now, which crushes with every 2nd or 3rd data exchange, which makes it very hard to use. There are three branches I receive data from (they are the sub-branches of the same stream and main branch), and two I send data to (also sub-branches there). I use a plenty of Telepathy Remote Receiver and Sender, although I don’t think this causes the issue (but of course it’s just a guess). This issue appears with synchronous and asyinchronous components too. Do you have any idea what causes this problem, and how could I avoid it?

Hi @reka,

Can you share the stream or files you used so we can simulate your problem on our end and examine it? You can send a DM if you don’t want to put it here. Thank you😊.