Rhino crash when opening speckle

I have a problem using the speckle rhino everytime I use the command speckle in rhino, the rhino freezes and crashes at the moment.
I’m using rhino 7.23 and Speckle 2.10.4

Thank You

Hi @Chanthearot_Bun ,

Can you please update to our latest release 2.12.2 and let us know if you still have the issues?

yes, the rhino still crashed even i use speckle v2.12.2

it always appears no stream found the moment i use speckle in rhino and then it freezes my rhino then it crashes.

Can you please send me the latest log file under %appdata%\Speckle\Logs\rhinoRhino7 in a PM?

SpeckleCoreLog20230305.txt (10.8 KB)
Here is the latest log file.

Thank you

Thanks! It looks like due to some connectivity issues, are you behind a corporate proxy/VPN?
Does any other connector work?
Are you using the speckle.xyz server?

Yes, im using speckle.xyz

Thanks for confirming. Could you please try with another connector like Revit?
It seems there could be a VPN or firewall blocking access to Speckle.