Rhino Connector UI glitch

Dear Speckle Team,

I’m experiencing a UI glitch in Rhino, where clicking on a selected stream doesn’t activate it. Restarting Rhino fixes it but going back to streams overview breaks the functionality again.

Rhino for Windows, Speckle 2.8.1

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Hey @mariuszhermansdorfer ,

Thanks for the report, is it happening consistently or only under some circumstances?

We’re aware of a similar problem when copy pasting Rhino geometry across documents.

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I tried to recreate it now and it doesn’t happen any more. The only non-standard aspect of the workflow I can think of was that I was sharing my screen via Teams.

I’ll try to single out the issue next time it happens.

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We’ve got another report about this issue; seems to be related to how the UI was launched…
If you can find a way to replicate it consistently, please let us know - we’ll keep investigating in the meantime!