Rhino Connector problem: Speckle.Core.Kits.KitException - Failed to load converter for Rhino8

Hello everyone, i hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been using Speckle Connector for quite a while, mostly between Archicad, Blender, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, and i can say it’s already part of my workflow. In the last month i didn’t use anything because of my vacations and when i came back today the Rhino Connector wasn’t functioning well.

It cannot receive or send geometry :slightly_frowning_face:. The following message appears:

It says in portuguese:

“Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.”

Some observations:

  • I’m using the Speckle 2.19.1, Rhino 8.8, Archicad 27 and Blender 4.1.1;

  • The plugin appears in the plugin folder, so i guess the installation is fine:

  • I can receive and send the same model inside Blender and Archicad without any trouble;

  • I can only open Speckle using NETFramework. If i put the SetDotNetRuntime to Default, Speckle doesn’t work. I don’t know if this is actually the correct way to use Speckle, i’ve always used this way, so let me know if i did something wrong. The following message appears if i set to Default and restart Rhino:
    Captura de tela 2024-07-10 160618

  • All the geometry can be easily accessed in my dashboard without any trouble, so i guess the geometry is fine:
    Viewer - TFG_2024 - Speckle

  • I tried to uninstall and install Speckle again, but it didn’t work;

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

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I uninstalled and installed one more time and it worked fine. And now it’s using SetDotNetRuntime in Default mode. Sorry about the mess!!