Rhino: Can't receive block instance from SketchUp

Hi guys,

I’m trying to send some geometry from SketchUp to Rhino and I run into this problem:

The geometry is showing in the web viewer.

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Hi there @chrk! Could you share with us the model, or alternatively the stream? @oguzhankoral will be sure to have a look at what’s going on in there together with @clrkng. Some of these issues might be fixed already with the upcoming 2.14 release, but it never hurts to check more :bowing_man:

Thanks for reporting!

Sure @dimitrie !
Here is the model:
error_sending_to_rhino.skp (8.7 MB)


Hi @chrk,

We’ve figured it out the problem thanks to your case. The fix will be included into new release on early next week. Watch for :soon: 2.14!


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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