Rhino and Revit connectors fail to initialise


Hi @Hussein_Hamed!! Welcome to the community!

Could you give us more details of how this happened?

  • what version of Speckle and Revit are you running?

  • if the rhino connector doesn’t work for you either, could you tell us which version you are running too?

  • did you change anything in your sistem before it started failing? (Updated speckle or Revit, etc…)

It would help pinpoint the cause of the issue.

As a last effort, could you try and uninstall and reinstall the connectors and tell us if that worked?

Thanks for reporting this, and feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 to the community if you feel like it

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I unistalled them and reinistalled them again
I have this messege before the installaion and i think this causes the problem

i’m using the version of speckle and revit 2021

Hi @Hussein_Hamed ,

If you close AutoCAD/Civil3D that message should go away.
Can you please also check if your antivirus might be flagging the installed software as malicious?



Thanks the problem has gone but I don’t care about autocad as I installed revit, grasshopper and rhino conncetor so I thought Autocad wouldn’t mind but he really cares :rofl:

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