Rhino 8 Connector is finally here!

Hey @Community !

We’re excited to announce that Rhino 8 connector is available with the latest 2.19.0-wip release. It took a little longer than expected due to some breaking changes with Rhino 8, but we’re glad it’s finally here! This wip release is for community testing :partying_face:. If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, just stick to the stable 2.18 version for now to avoid any interruptions to your ongoing projects.

The official release for Rhino 8 connector will be available with the stable 2.19 release.

:pushpin: Rhino 8 connector is currently available only for Windows. We are working on adding support for Mac.

:warning: McNeel released Rhino v8.3 in January 2024 and this is a prerequisite requirement. Thanks to McNeel for working behind the scenes to remove some blockers. :rhinoceros:

How to install it?

To install 2.19.0-wip release for the Rhino Connector:

  1. Inside the “Rhino Connector” page, switch to the “Versions” tab.
  2. Toggle on the “Show Pre-releases” option at the top.
  3. From this list, select the 2.19.0-wip release.
  4. Click on the “Install” button next to it.


Important :warning:

@jsdbroughton previously shared a workaround that would help you run Rhino 7 connector in Rhino 8. The good news is that the latest release of Rhino 8 doesn’t require that workaround anymore. So, please make sure you revert those changes:

  1. Run SetDotNetRuntime command.
  2. Switch it to Default.

Once you do these changes, you’ll be ready to use our connector inside Rhino 8!


Hie, good news. But is it support grasshopper too ? I would like present paralmetric object which can ajust with grasshopper slider.

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Yes, Grasshopper too.

Right now we’re testing side-by-side compatibility with PC installs of Rhino 7 & 8, Mac lovers may have to wait til that’s concluded.

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Well that’s fine,
This week I have too much work to do but next week i’ll look around.
It’s a good news


THIS IS FANTASTIC! Do you have a timeline for the mac version?

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hey @grigoriadis.georges ,

We’re working on the Mac version, but it is a bit more challenging than Windows. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop and notify you as soon as it’s available for testing. Thank you for your patience!


Hi @gokermu ,

This doesn’t appear to have worked for me. I just get a blank modal in the speckle and speckle mapper tabs. Is there a specific version of Rhino 8 that this is working with? We’re on SR1 (8.1.23325.13001, 2023-11-21).


Ahh, yes, this is helpful info.

You do need the 8.3 patch release that came earlier this year; this removed some unused but blocking dependencies.

I have amended the original announcement post above to make this clearer

Welcome to speckle @Jmathers by the way :spockle_smirk:

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Thanks. Can confirm it works with the latest release.


Hi @gokermu, do you have a rough estimate on when will it be available for testing? I’m operating in a mixed environment and the Windows side can be used with Rhino 8, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to change the .NET runtime as suggested here (SetDotNetRuntime is an unknown command on my Mac, I’m running Version 8 (8.6.24101.05002, 2024-04-10) on an M1 Max MBP - any thoughts?).

This is another note in the incompatibility headaches in the AEC with Apple column to move away from Macs, which is far too long by now. -.-

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We don’t tend to put a timeline on not-house-burning-down priority features, but it is fair to say that we know Rhino/GH compatibility is a crucial part of Speckle’s DNA.

Our primary release cycles are 6-8 weeks, which could be within 2.19 or the release after that.

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Rhino 8 support is finally part of the stable 2.19 release.

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Hi @gokermu,

I may be doing something wrong, but while Speckle is working for Rhino 8 without problems, it is not loading for Rhino 8 for Rhino.Inside. I can load Speckle with Rhino.Inside for Rhino 7.

I tried with the SetDotNetRuntime command (as I had to do this for regular Rhino 8 before), but nothing changed. I also upgraded my version to 2.19.1, just in case.


Thanks for the report, @fcegnam. This is a known issue. While the Rhino7 connector was able to be used with Rhino.Inside, it wasn’t officially supported.

We are reviewing this position and its implications on our testing and release cycle.