Rhino 7 slow compatibility test

Hi folks,

I updated the Rhino connector to the latest release and the next time Rhino openned, it took a long time to load the connector (either 97 or 158 seconds, I’m not sure which plugin took which time).

I was wondering if the connector is compiled for Rhino 6, then installed in both Rhino 6 and 7. It seems that if Rhino finds a plugin compiled against an older version is does a compatibility check (which takes some time), but then caches the result for subsequent loads. It’s not a huge deal, it just means Rhino opens slowly after every update.


Hey @daviddekoning,

thanks for taking you time to report this! I was actually unaware of the “compatibility check” being run on first load, though I must say I did notice some times the plugin took more to load… so that would explain it!

We are, in fact, building the connector against 6.28 and then just installing it in rhino 7. I’ve opened an issue regarding splitting the project to build independent versions:

It’s not a priority right now, but if you find any other reasons to push this up the list, we’d be happy to hear them. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Cheers - I’m glad to have helped solve a mystery!

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