Rhino 7 crashes when creating stream


I got an invitation to Speckle v2 beta and wanted to test it out. When I got everything installed and tried to create a stream from Rhino 7, the program just crashes. Is this some kind of a known bug or what kind of information should I send you to figure out what the problem is?


Yikes! it’s not expected, or known. Usually Rhino writes a crashfile to your desktop (in text format) - is there any chance you could copy paste that here?

Hmm, I figured out what is going on. Somehow the connection to the account was lost from the Manager, but I didn’t notice this before. And when I tried to create a stream, something must have failed and crashed the plugin. Now that I connected the Manager correctly, it works fine.

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Ah, so basically you had no accounts when you tried to create a stream? We’ll try that route. That’s something we can try debugging. We’ll post any updates here!