Rhino 5 (64 Bits)

Does Speckle Works work on Rhino 5 (64 Bits)?

I installed it but no buttons appear in the Rhino UI

Thank You

We’ve unfortunately stopped supporting rhino 5, as it was too much effort to test properly, and was thus causing more trouble than it was worth.

You can try though - no guarantee of what happens - to use the .rhi file provided here. The panel probably won’t show up automatically, but there should be a SpecklePanel command that toggles it.

Dear Dimitrie,

Thank you for your reply.

Any chance there is an older unsupported version to play with? Or it just won’t work?

Did you try this out?

yep but it won’t work. Thank you anyway!

Argh. Sorry :confused: you might get away with an older release, but there have been some changes and I don’t recommend it…

If you’re in a bind (like I was) and had no option but Rhino 5, as of SpeckleRhino fc15305 it’s still possible with a few small changes to compile SpeckleRhino6 for Rhino 5 64bit:

  1. Clone SpeckleRhino (make sure you follow the readme instructions fully to bring in the submodules and dist.js)
  2. Open SpeckleRhino.sln in Visual Studio
  3. Right click solution > Manage NuGet Packages
  4. Select RhinoCommon, change installed version to 5.12
  5. Select Grasshopper, change installed version to 0.9.76
  6. In build properties of SpeckleWinR6, add WINR5 to conditional compilation symbols
  7. In SpeckleWinR6 > SpeckleRhinoReceiver.cs find all instances of .FindByFullPath( …, -1) and change -1 to false
  8. Build the Solution

Assuming you’ve already ran the Speckle installer for Rhino 6, you can then copy Rhino 6 Speckle plugin directory to the Rhino 5 plugins directory, and copy the build outputs from SpeckleWinR6 and SpeckleGrasshopper on top. Then in Rhino, go to properties>plug-ins and load the plugin (SpeckleWinR6.rhp) from the R5 plugins directory.

I’ve only done very limited testing, the panel in Rhino didn’t work for me but the nodes in grasshopper did, and I got meshes coming through fine from Revit, which is all I needed at the time.

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