Revit19 analytical walls with openings issue

I’m having issues streaming analytical walls from Revit19 when these have door openings in them. They fail to come through at all. Walls without openings work. Stream on Arup Ireland test server, streamid: Nh-SqRbOC

should look like this:

I am also not able to stream objects by view with my view containing analytical elements only. In the sender it just tells me nothing was selected.

Hey @kristjan,

when sending walls out of Revit, Speckle sends their mesh representation and their baseline, so currently it’s only picking voids for the mesh representation:

Seems like you are suggesting a new representation where the walls have no thickness?


Ciao Matteo,
No I’m not suggesting anything new :slight_smile: The issue is only related to the structural analytical elements in Revit. They do not have any thickness in the 3D view representation (but they do have the thickness properties as structural properties). Analytical beam and column elements are sent through as lines and analytical walls and floors (slabs) are sent through as meshes (with no thickness).

For floors with internal openings, the speckle structural schema seems to take the element and divide it into one mesh (type: “Mesh/Structural2DElementMesh”) and for each opening create new elements (type: “Mesh/Structural2DVoid”):

The voids are being wrongly displayed in the webviewer as meshes (so rather than opening/nothing it displays double surfaces/meshes) but that’s a minor bug.

For walls, nothing comes through the stream if the analytical wall has openings:

Test stream here:

@kristjan, the code is question is here, in the SpeckleStructuralKit:

There must be something different in how slabs and walls are represented that makes the translation not work.

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Ups, sorry, didn’t realise you mentioned analytical walls, now it’s all more clear!
I’ll investigate more, feel free to open an issue on Github for this.

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Thanks David,
Yes I’m unable to test what is causing this (haven’t got a proper developer environment set up for Revit/speckle atm), but looking into the Revit API it looks like the AnalyticalLoopType Void should work on all analytical surfaces (there’s no differentiation between walls and slabs/floors):

I did try out a few different versions of the door openings;

  • when opening “touches” the external edge then neither wall nor opening comes through
  • when drawing a randomly placed opening in the middle of the wall, both wall and opening comes through in GSA (however I cannot see opening in webviewer, but that can be issues related to overlayed meshes not being selectable).
  • when a door opening in one wall is on one side touching an adjacent wall (perpendicular direction in plan) also the adjacent wall fails.

Hi @kristjan, thanks for the details. I’ll pass this on to Nic to have a look.

Hi @kristjan

Would you be able to send me the Revit file you used to send the contents of Nh-SqRbOC ?



Hi Nic,
You can find the Revit file here:!AiLGMJyCA_TcibtvtjQu5mWz38eYhA?e=iQNBKY
Best, Kristjan