Revit to Tekla workflow

Hi every one. I would like to know why i cant not send my models from Revit to Tekla using Speckle connectors. Every time i tried to send the models from the stream, the app showsme this message “The secuence has no coincident elements”. I have tried to use templates with frame sections with the same name in Revit and Tekla and still is not working. Thanks a lot.

Hello Gustavo and welcome to the forum, feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok:

@Pavol might correct me, but I believe Revit elements can only be received as mesh objects at the moment. To do so, click on “advanced settings” in the receive panel and enable such option.

Apologies for the poor experience, we’re currently working to improve workflows with our structural connectors and will make sure Revit > Tekla is fine tuned!