Revit to to Revit issue

Can you check

I have uploaded Revit 2021 Sample project

But when I receive it in Revit, only few things return, and I get also things from other projects:

Site: Construction Trailer: 32’



Hi Dimitrios,

The Revit connector currently doesn’t support receiving all Revit element types, you can see a matrix of what’s supported here in the docs.

If you could share the stream directly with me I’ll try replicate on my end (unfortunately I cannot add the stream by ID just yet, this feature is coming soon tho :slight_smile: )!

Hi Matteo,
thanks for your fast response.

ok I will use filtering.

I have added you as an owner. It is ok to do any edits or delete it because it is just testing data.


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Cool, so I’m not getting those Construction Trailers, I guess it’s because some of the families were missing in the model and the connector tried replacing them with something of the same category…
Maybe check the warnings to be sure!


ok, I have tested for certain things (Roofs) and works well. However, the “ALL” selection should have a interactive warning

  1. Warn that errors may occur for unsupported objects of Revit
  2. State which objects are not supported, and do not commit them at all. Perhaps there should be an intermediatary communication step with to validate the supported objects.

Thank you for the support !

Thanks for the feedback!

We do want to let people commit objects even if they are not supported when receiving back in Revit, as they might be used for other purposes (in Rhino, Unity, web etc…).
But I agree with you that we might need to inform the user when they are receiving non supported elements in a nice way. @Ollie is currently helping us improve such mechanisms!

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