Revit to Revit using Speckle

Hello friends,

I’m trying to use to Speckle to solve a very specific problem. I have a massive existing facility, where there are multiple sub-projects across the facility, each at a different stage of design/construction. I’m trying to produce a single Revit model, where all these active projects can be synchronized so it’s easier to keep track of dependencies.

I’m still quite new to Speckle and was testing out sending Revit data and receiving it back in a new Revit model, but understandably, I couldn’t get all the elements to come through. I was wondering if there is a way to receive the unsupported elements/categories as DirectShape instead? Note that these are all Architectural elements only.

If it’s possible to use the Dynamo Connector to send them to a stream in a different way, so they come back as shapes, I’m willing to try that.

Hey @geaswaran ,

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Yes, we have a setting for that. You can access it from the Advanced Settings dialog.