Revit to Etabs Conversion Generates Errors


I’m trying to convert a Revit 3D model into ETABS. There are a few problems

  1. Some of the geometry of the elements (beams and columns) in ETABS has been flattened to one level.

  1. The floors and slabs did not load into the ETABS model. Some elements are unsupported types?

  1. Of the beams and columns that have successfully been created, the section properties are different in ETABS. This error I don’t really mind. I can always create the correct section property, and manually change the sections if I have to.

The main errors are 1 and 2. Can anyone help me understand why this is happening. I tried uploading the analytical model but that didn’t work because there were many analytical forms missing. I didn’t create the Revit model, it was made by architects.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey @Prash_J, thanks for the post.

The ETABS connector is designed to receive the analytical model more than it’s designed to receive the physical model from Revit. That is why you see elements like “RevitWall” are unsupported. ETABS is expecting the analytical representation called “Element2d”.

Could you explain in a little more detail what you mean that, “there were many analytical forms missing”? We’ve considered investing a bit more time into trying to support physical elements in ETABS, but it hasn’t been requested too much. Would receiving physical elements be a lot easier for you?

Receiving physical elements would be helpful. Mainly just walls and slabs.

Is my understanding right that I would need to convert Revit walls and slabs to 2d analytical elements in Revit prior to sending the model to the speckle stream?

Also, do you have any idea why the geometry of the loaded elements have varying elevations on the z axis when I receive the stream on ETABS?