Revit stream data not visible online

Hey, any idea why this happens? I cannot see the geometry in the browser, have been waiting about an hour now…
Also is the send/receive function only for model geometry? Not for annotation families for example (Revit)


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Hi @kltomov,

What version of Revit and Speckle are you running? Could you provide some details of what you are trying to send and how (using filters or selection, etc)

As for annotations, they are currently not supported although there’s been talks on the team to add them to our roadmap, I’m not sure what was eventually decided (@dimitrie may be able to shed some light on that matter)

Anyway, thanks for reporting this. Hopefully we’ll be able to find what’s going on with a bit more info.

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From Revit 2020 to 2019. Speckle connector 2.1.27
I use set/add selection of marked objects in a revit family

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Hey @kltomov of what category/family where the selected objects?
Can you maybe share a sample file and the stream created so we can see?

Not all Revit elements are currently supported and some, while being supported, don’t have geometry visible in our viewer, please see a full list:

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Its just a simple curtain panel pattern based family

Now I tried to receive a furniture system in-place family that I successfully managed to send to the stream, but with no success.

This is the warning I get:

Could not find any type symbol to use for family T.
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.GetElementType[T](Base element)
at Objects.Converter.Revit.ConverterRevit.FamilyInstanceToNative(FamilyInstance speckleFi)
at Speckle.ConnectorRevit.UI.ConnectorBindingsRevit.ConvertReceivedObjects(List`1 objects, ISpeckleConverter converter, StreamState state) in C:\Users\circleci\project\ConnectorRevit\ConnectorRevit\UI\ConnectorBindingsRevit.Receive.cs:line 195

Heya! I suspect - but I might be very wrong - it’s because we don’t properly support sending from inside families. @teocomi/@clrkng will know more; a quick sample file won’t hurt, if you have time to send it over.

That’s correct, the Revit connector supports receiving lines, meshes and breps in the family editor, but not sending. You can see the docs here:

If you tell us about your use case a bit more in detail we can see if other solutions are possible @kltomov !