Revit shared Parameters

Hi everybody,

I have a question,
I have created a stream with doors from Revit, and some of my family parameters (shared parameters are not visible) are not visible when I consult the content of the stream online…
Any reason why ?

Hey @BaudouinNP ,

They should be there. Can you share the stream/commit?

P.S. You can send a PM if you don’t want to put it here :).

Thanks a lot

I think I might know why.
Is it because they are family parameters, not added as project parameters ?

It could be that, if there is no value set, they are skipped, or the value of these parameters is not just text or numbers (eg it points to another Revit element)…

The values are not empty, and they are simple texts

Ok I got them !!
They are shown with the guid :slight_smile: my bad…

All good !
Thanks guys

Yes, was just about to say that!

That’s because, as you know, shared parameters can have different names based on the language used, and are only uniquely identified by their GUID: