Revit: Room Boundaries

Hi guys,

I would like to suggest an improvement on the Objects.Converter.Revit.ConvertRoom. Would it be possible to get richer data regarding the room boundaries? For example using the Room.GetBoundarySegments() method.

I am interested on catching the id of an element that is responsible for producing a boundary. That would be super useful for mapping rooms to walls, floors, and etc.

Totally understand if too busy, just wanted to put it out there, maybe is useful for someone else :slight_smile:

** EDIT **

Just realized the suggestion is actually for the Objects.Converter.Revit.GetProfiles() where part of the logic is happening. So the suggestion would be just to include the element id for each segment.


Hey Victor,

Makes sense! Lemme double check if I understood correctly: you’d like to know which objects contribute to creating a room boundary, and so you’d like this information to be included in our Speckle Room object, correct?
Sounds like you’re interested in their ids and possibly geometry too?

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Yes. That is correct.

Thanks for confirming!
So the boundary geometry was already being sent under the outline prop; I’ve now made sure the ElementId of the originating boundary element is included too :v:

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Greeeeeat. Thanks @teocomi :slight_smile:

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