Revit Rebar Container not supported

We have noticed that Revit Rebar Container element is not supported.
Rebar Container is a rebar element that can only be created from Revit API.

It will be nice to get it supported.

Best Regards and great job I have know speckle from less than a week and I love it.

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Hi, is there any development on this post? It will be nice to get a reply.

Rebar container is a element that contains rebar elements, so if rebar is suported I’m thinking it wont be hard to support.

I have attached a picture of the error logs and a picture of the 3D model showing rebar container elements.


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Hey @gjordanp, apologies, this has clearly slipped through the cracks - we’re usually quite responsive!

Could you please share a subset of your model in a rvt file for us to debug? I’m not very familiar with the structural components in Revit.

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Hi Mateo,

I send you the model in the folowing link:

If you have any question just let me know.

Best Regards

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Hi @gjordanp,

Thanks for sharing the file. It will make development much easier. I’ve created an issue for this👇:

We will definitely take care of it. Thank you for suggesting it😊.

Hi @gjordanp
Thanks indeed for the model; we’ll try adding support for this in 2.9!
Two quick notes:

  • I think your version of the installed connector is slightly out of date, you could consider updating
  • the crash is probably due to sending too many elements at the same time; while we work to improve the stability of the connector, you could try sending them in batches. If instead you find it might be due to a specific element, please let us know and we’ll investigate!

Hi Mateo, yes I notice that yesterday and I updated my conector to 2.8.0.

I also truncated te model to a few walls and beams and the result is the same.

Rebar containers are not send to Speckle, the error shown is: “Not sending elements without display meshes Conversion returned null”

Best Regards

Yes, that’s because we have yet to add support for them :slight_smile:
Will give you a heads-up when it’s implemented and we’ll try get it in the upcoming 2.9 release!

If in the meantime you could share a bit more info about the intended use case, that’s always helpful too.

Hi Mateo, no problem.
I’m Structural engineer and we design structures in Chile. We mostly focus on residential buildings made of Reinforced Concrete. Reinforced Concrete is a commonly use construction material that is a composite of concrete reinforced with steel bars.

This is a picture of a reinforced concrete building:

In Revit steel bars are represented by “Rebar Bars” family. This can represent steel bars of different shapes and diameters as shown in this pictures:

Revit also has a “Structural Rebar Container” family that is only created from API, and stores Rebar Bars inside as shown on this picture.

I hope this helps
Anything you need please let me know.


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Another Tip: This is how Autodesk will render it in BIM360 engine.


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Super useful, thanks! Were you planning to receive the rebar into any other software for post processing, to run cost analysis, or maybe just to view/share it online?

Great Mateo,

Last suggestion: As rebar increase enormously the amount of element of a project, you may try 2 visualization states for them. Linear rendering and cylindrical rendering.

I have notice that working in big models with Cylindrical Rendering get a little hard in autodesk Revit and Bim360.

Probably you will choose depending on Revit 3D Visualization, but I just wanted to point this out.