Revit new speckle UI conflict with plugin

Hi, Speckle community,

Since the update with the new Speckle2.0 new UI (alpha). I am facing problems with starting up my plugin. The plugin I am working on interacts with Speckle and it has MaterialDesign Theme WPF.
I suspect the conflict is with the newly implemented dynamic style of Speckle.

Here is an error message:

And if I remove line 4 (default theme) in the ResourceDictionary, then my plugin can start.

Is there a way to implement the default style while not having conflict?



Hey Phuong!

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for debugging this, can you please tell me which file are those lines from?
What is weird is that it looks like they come from DUI1 and not from DUI2, therefore you could potentially just get rid of the old UI from Revit and just use the new one (something we’re planning to do soon anyway).

Let me know!

Hi Matteo,

Thank you for a quick reply. My apologies for the confusion. The ResourceDictionary is from the plugin that I’m working on. Somehow, we are not able to reference …/MaterialDesignTheme.Default.xaml in the ResourceDictionary. When we delete line 4 in our code. We are able to start our application but with the cost of having an empty window.

And if we leave it on. We will get an error and also not be able to start Speckle Revit connector anymore.

Hope to find a workaround.


Thanks for clarifying! As I suggested earlier, if you delete any DesktopUI 1 reference in the Revit Connector, things should work. DUI1 was using WPF and MaterialDesign, DUI2 uses a different framework.

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Thanks Matteo, it worked


Hi @teocomi,

Do you have any idea on when the old plug-in UI will be deleted from the general installer through Speckle Manager? Would be useful to know as our plug-in depends on this update.

We’re thinking of fully removing it in 1 month! But we can maybe make a separate release just for you earlier?

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Hi @teocomi!

Apologies for not replying, we decided to stop dev for a while till the UI has been deleted from the codebase as it would block our app release anyway. Now we continued and I still have the conflicts with the Material design DLLs, I can simply delete them to continue development, as it these are not being used in Speckle Revit anymore.

But before we release it would be nice if the material design stuff in Speckle Revit is not being build while installing the application, is that possible?


Kind regards,

Dirk Sliepenbeek

Hey Dirk!

Good spot, we are still packaging those libs as Revit 2019 is not compatible with our new UI, but we can definitely prevent those dlls from copying - can you please just point me to the problematic ones?

I’ll then exclude them from the installer :v:

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Thanks! It’s about these files:


Thanks! I’ve excluded those in the installer of Revit 2020 and above :+1:

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